Three Reasons Why Wildlife Photography Is Amazing?

Joshua Tree National Park 2014

Joshua Tree National Park 2014

I have always been a huge fan of the outdoors so it was no surprise to my family that outdoor photography has become my greatest passion since 2014.  Many who share in this passion have a mile long list of reasons why they enjoy wildlife photography. Here are just three (03) reasons why I think wildlife photography is so amazing.

01 WILDLIFE CLOSE-UP – Wildlife photography is so amazing because it allows you to closely examine the animal and their behavior in a still frame. Most of us can imagine a bird flying in the air because we have seen it happen at a local park or even in a parking lot of the shopping mall. However when I use my PENTAX-K-3, and my PENTAX 55_300 tele-lens, I’m able to capture a close-up still frame shot that my eye routinely cannot see. Wildlife shots allow you to see a world close-up and personal even when the shots aren’t perfect. How amazing is that!

02 SEE MORE THAN THE EYE CAN SEE – Wildlife photography captures what the human eye cannot. The human eye is complicated and fascinating but is unable to capture still frames. Both the human eye and your camera simply differ from each other for all the right reasons. So when we line up our amazing visual ability with amazing camera technology we tend to capture amazing shots regardless if they’re in good lighting or not. So when your eye catches an ideal shot the camera captures the related micro action. You get to see more than you saw and that is absolutely awesome.

Joshua Tree National Park 2014

Joshua Tree National Park 2014

03 ACTIVE OUTDOORS – It’s not a requirement, but wildlife photography can entice you to spend more time outdoors. I started out by taking photos of birds at a nearby city park and some of my greatest shots have been taken while sitting in my truck on the side of the road. Eventually I started strolling small lakes and local forest preserves to seek out birds in action. Before too long I was hiking remote locations as my comfort level with my gear grew. I found that remote locations bring great logistical responsibility but also pay off when local wildlife arrives. Birds in a remote location, for example, tend to come towards you with curiosity which creates an opportunity for close up shots that display distinct body language and implied personality.

It’s safe to say that I have the photography bug and it’s there’s nothing wrong with that! Being able to look at wildlife close up, and reviewing things that I would otherwise never see with normal vision, and the health benefits of getting outdoors into the wild, is nothing less than awesome.

Why do you think wildlife photography is so amazing? Let us know with your comments below. Talk to you soon! Henry Brening.


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