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Three Reasons Why Wildlife Photography Is Amazing?

Joshua Tree National Park 2014

Joshua Tree National Park 2014

I have always been a huge fan of the outdoors so it was no surprise to my family that outdoor photography has become my greatest passion since 2014.  Many who share in this passion have a mile long list of reasons why they enjoy wildlife photography. Here are just three (03) reasons why I think wildlife photography is so amazing.

01 WILDLIFE CLOSE-UP – Wildlife photography is so amazing because it allows you to closely examine the animal and their behavior in a still frame. Most of us can imagine a bird flying in the air because we have seen it happen at a local park or even in a parking lot of the shopping mall. However when I use my PENTAX-K-3, and my PENTAX 55_300 tele-lens, I’m able to capture a close-up still frame shot that my eye routinely cannot see. Wildlife shots allow you Continue Reading →