My name is Henry Brening and I have an amazing passion for wildlife photography.

I’m here to help other photographers like you overcome the obstacles associated with outdoor photography.


Pisa Italy Leaning Tower Entrance

Pisa Italy – Leaning Tower Entrance 2014

  1. Take great wildlife photos!
  2. Learn from my mistakes and save time and money.
  3. Master your camera and share your lifetime shot with the world.

WHEN I FIRST STARTED there where so many issues that frustrated me. I even had a quick thought of forgetting about the whole thing – can you believe that?

THATS WHY I AM HERE – To help you overcome frustration and to quickly get on track so you can experience the joy of photography outdoors in the wild. Not to mention photography while traveling abroad!

FORTUNATELY I DIDN’T QUIT – Through the lens of my camera I see another angle of  Gods wonderful world! The first shot that took me to the mountain top of joy happened almost by mistake on a Saturday afternoon. My senior black labrador and I were strolling around a local forest preserve when suddenly I noticed a Western Bluebird sitting on a high branch preparing to take flight.

Western bluebird at Kern River Preserve 2014

Western bluebird Kern River Preserve, USA (2014)

I zoomed in with my Pentax K-3 and 300 lens patiently waiting to capture the bird flying away. What soon felt like hours of waiting, as my arms grew exhausted by fatigue and my labrador itching to move on, I continued to hold the shot as steady as I could. Suddenly in a split second, the bird flew off the branch and the shutter burst of clicks brought the camera to life, capturing a string of magical shots showing the bird flying through the brush at amazing accuracy. From this point forward I was truly hooked on photography! 

IT MAY LOOK EASY However trying to capture an awesome photo with accuracy can take a long time and plenty of luck! Photography should be another word for patience. Since we can’t simply ask the bird to get back on the branch and repeat what just happened, we have to sometimes endure with patience until we get the shot. The great news is that once you find the subject you’re most passionate about you quickly develop the required patience and skill necessary to capture their life in the wild. Thats what happened to me and its been amazing ever since!

I STARTED WITH A POCKET CAMERA that took four double AA batteries and held a 25 megabyte memory card. It was pretty advanced at the time. I was able to take so many pictures compared to the limited traditional camera with film.

UPGRADED TO A CELL PHONE CAMERA were I was able to take pictures of small insects and immediately see them really close by pinching the photo with two fingers. Today’s cell phone technology is very impressive and always a great option.

TOOK THE PLUNGE AND BOUGHT A DSLR  which stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. After my research I found the  Pentax K-3 was the right fit for me and my planned out adventures. In comparison to the pocket camera and cell phone camera the DLSR originally had many challenges. At first the new DSLR was exciting then quickly became overwhelming because it simply can’t compare with my historical camera equipment. In short I overcame the respective differences and advantages which I can share with you and help you along as necessary.

AS I LEARN I WANT TO SHARE – I will share with you how I made my final decision on the DSLR I currently use and it’s functionality to help you adapt to this line of equipment with me or as a general awareness. You will also see many of my lessons learned in the gear reviews where I identify great products that succeed in the field and the garbage products I wished I had never bought. My hope is that you can save money and avoid unnecessary purchases. My shortcuts and quick tips should also help you consider alternatives while traveling and shooting outdoors in the wild.

BIRDS OF FLIGHT and other wildlife have now become my passion and inspiration to help other people who are looking to shoot photographs of wildlife or  want to simply get better with their camera. If i can help others avoid the mistakes I made and help them capture the shot of their life then its all worth it.

REDTAIL HAWK (2014) Bear Valley Springs, CA USA

Bear Valley Springs, CA USA

ITS ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY AND NOT ABOUT THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHERPhotography is about getting the shot and the experience. With that said, the “best photographer” does not exist in my opinion. The most knowledgeable photographer perhaps, but nobody gets the best shot all the time. This helps me lose the anxiety or pride that most people experience with getting the perfect shot. I just want a shot at whatever animal I am able to capture in their natural setting. I will talk more about this soon so you can avoid the pitfalls associated with sharing your greatest (and even worst) photos.


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Talk to you soon! – Henry Brening