How Can Help Your Outdoor Photography?

Pisa Italy Leaning Tower Entrance

Pisa Italy – Leaning Tower Entrance 2014

OUR GOAL: Is to help you enjoy your camera as soon as possible. I will share with you the many lessons I have learned, and sometimes continue to learn. As my skill in photography increases so will yours as I share lessons learned, observations and instructions. I found my passion in wildlife photography in 2014 while shooting wildlife at a local forest preserve. I managed to capture a bird flying threw a forked branch! From that point forward I have been hooked on taking digital pictures. My ambition with is to help you achieve the same joy and fulfillment from your photography as I have. Our goal is to help you with the following:

MAKING PHOTOGRAPHY EASIER: Have you looked at a DSLR camera lately? This magnificent technology can also be absolutely overwhelming. We will turn that overwhelm into easy to understand information through articles and videos to help guide the concepts home. In addition your feedback will help us provide exactly what it is you’re looking for and would like to see more of. Together you and I will get out into the field and capture magnificent photos!

EQUIPMENT REVIEW: Not only can the camera be overwhelming but there are so many accessories on the market and before you buy anything please think it through. Otherwise you will waste a lot of money. Let me share with you the good, the bad and the ugly gear I have tested in the field. We will show you if the gear “Belongs in your pack” or if “The gear is crap” so you have confidence before you buy it! You see, our equipment is used in the field outdoors in the mud, rain, sleet, heat, dust, mist, you name it. We are located in the high Mojave Desert of California near the Sierra Mountains in the USA where various climate conditions occur. It’s a perfect place to try out gear! The first piece of gear that received a test was my Pentax K-3 (which I dropped on a rock by the Kern river and it keeps on shooting without a problem) I use it in the rain, sleet and hot desert heat, windstorms, dust storms, low range and high top mountains. In my opinion the K-3 is worth every penny based on what I have put it through. We will review the K-3 in greater detail later but for now just know we have your back when comes to gear reviews. If you’re curious about a particular piece of gear just let us know!

PHOTOGRAPHY NETWORK: We want to share our lessons learned, and the lessons learned by our audience, so that everyone can become a better photographer. However, there seems to be a lack of networking among photographers. I rarely see other wildlife photographers in the field compared to the volume of bird watchers that cross my path. On occasion when I see a photographer very little is mentioned and there seems to be more attention spent on checking out my gear or how I’m shooting. Almost like a contest to see who gets…. I don’t know what? I say to heck with all that craziness and get clicking away at wildlife. I hope to see some of you in the field so we can discuss wildlife photography.

GODS COUNTRY We want to help you get out into the field as soon as possible so you can capture Gods country with your photography. Staring at wildlife through my lens has made it absolutely apparent that I’m witnessing Gods creation. I am amazed that He would honor me with the privilege of enjoying such a hobby as this.

We hope to be a big part of your photography passion and please let us know if there is anything special you want us to cover or review. Until next time – See you out in the field! – Henry Brening

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