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Wildlife photography is full of equipment and we can help you decide which pieces are good for you based on our gear trials. We live in a perfect place to challenge gear before you spend your hard earned money. Learn more today at

Three Reasons Why Wildlife Photography Is Amazing?

Joshua Tree National Park 2014

Joshua Tree National Park 2014

I have always been a huge fan of the outdoors so it was no surprise to my family that outdoor photography has become my greatest passion since 2014.  Many who share in this passion have a mile long list of reasons why they enjoy wildlife photography. Here are just three (03) reasons why I think wildlife photography is so amazing.

01 WILDLIFE CLOSE-UP – Wildlife photography is so amazing because it allows you to closely examine the animal and their behavior in a still frame. Most of us can imagine a bird flying in the air because we have seen it happen at a local park or even in a parking lot of the shopping mall. However when I use my PENTAX-K-3, and my PENTAX 55_300 tele-lens, I’m able to capture a close-up still frame shot that my eye routinely cannot see. Wildlife shots allow you Continue Reading →


How Can Help Your Outdoor Photography?

Pisa Italy Leaning Tower Entrance

Pisa Italy – Leaning Tower Entrance 2014

OUR GOAL: Is to help you enjoy your camera as soon as possible. I will share with you the many lessons I have learned, and sometimes continue to learn. As my skill in photography increases so will yours as I share lessons learned, observations and instructions. I found my passion in wildlife photography in 2014 while shooting wildlife at a local forest preserve. I managed to capture a bird flying threw a forked branch! From that point forward I have been hooked on taking digital pictures. My ambition with is to help you achieve the same joy and fulfillment from your photography as I have. Our goal is to help you with the following:

MAKING PHOTOGRAPHY EASIER: Have you looked at a DSLR camera lately? This magnificent technology can also be Continue Reading →