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Making wildlife photography easier and fun for everyone with Cameras are overwhelming at times and we want to help you with that stress so you can get into the field as soon as possible. The wildlife is waiting for you so why not jump into it with our easy instructions to getting started. Learn more today!!

How Can Help Your Outdoor Photography?

Pisa Italy Leaning Tower Entrance

Pisa Italy – Leaning Tower Entrance 2014

OUR GOAL: Is to help you enjoy your camera as soon as possible. I will share with you the many lessons I have learned, and sometimes continue to learn. As my skill in photography increases so will yours as I share lessons learned, observations and instructions. I found my passion in wildlife photography in 2014 while shooting wildlife at a local forest preserve. I managed to capture a bird flying threw a forked branch! From that point forward I have been hooked on taking digital pictures. My ambition with is to help you achieve the same joy and fulfillment from your photography as I have. Our goal is to help you with the following:

MAKING PHOTOGRAPHY EASIER: Have you looked at a DSLR camera lately? This magnificent technology can also be Continue Reading →